Sharjah Award for the Best International Book SIBF ANNUAL AWARDS


• The Best International Fiction Book

• The Best International Non-Fiction Book


• Nominated book must be new and unique in its field

• The first edition of the nominated book must have been published in the past 2 years prior to current SIBF

• Nominated book should not be a revised edition

• Nominated writer must not have won the Sharjah Award for the Best International Book in the past two years

• Nominated book must not have won a literary award before

• There is a maximum submission of three books per publisher

• SIBF organizers shall not return submitted copies to nominees

• SIBF organizers shall have the right to use covers of and excerpts from awarded books in all types of SIBF marketing communications without taking the approval from the publisher or writer

• Winning writers shall be invited to attend an awards ceremony prior to the current SIBF

• The candidates have no right to contest any of the jury decisions

• The next award shall be announced after the closing of the current SIBF each year

• Nominations shall be closed at the end of August of each year

• Winners shall be announced at the start of the current SIBF


The following must be submitted to SIBF organizers:

• Three copies of the nominated books

• Completed nomination form

• Copy of nominated writer’s passport or ID

• Nominated writer’s contact details, including mail address, phone numbers and email

• Curriculum Vitae of nominated writer

• Acknowledgment by nominated writer of not winning the Sharjah Award for the Best International Book before


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