Sharjah Publisher Recognition Award SIBF ANNUAL AWARDS


This Award is meant to recognize distinguished publishers, whose published titles contribute to the development of knowledge, science and intellect.


• The Best Local Publisher

• The Best Arab Publisher

• The Best International Publisher


Nominated publisher must be:

• Participating in the current SIBF

• Reputed for quality and respect; a specialization is preferred

• A member in a publisher’s association in its own country, if any

• A member in regional and international publisher’s associations

• Reputed for observing publishing requirements, intellectual property regulations, authors’ rights and developing professional standards in the publishing industry

• Publishing titles that provide considerable scientific value and meet the requirements of important sectors of society

• Working to develop the art of manuscript editing through the publishing of edited books, editions and biographies in accordance with the established publishing standards

• Have at least 10 titles published in the same year as the current SIBF

• The next award shall be announced after the closing of the current SIBF each year

• Nominations shall be closed mid-September of each year

• Winners shall be announced at the start of the current SIBF

• Awards shall be presented in the presence of representatives of the winners at the current SIBF


The following must be submitted to SIBF organizers:

• Completed nomination form

• Brief summary of the nominated publisher, including: orientation, specialization and professional standards

• List of publications by the nominated publisher

• Nominee’s contact details, including: mail address, phone numbers and email

• Acknowledgment by nominated publisher of not winning a similar award before


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