Stand facilities

A 9 sq.m. stand will have the following facilities:

1. Shelves (note that maximum weight a shelf can carry is 15 kgs.)

2. Selling-table (60 cm * x 60 cm)

3. Display-table (60 cm * x 120 cm)

4. Chairs(2)

5. Storage area

6. Spotlights(3)

7. Plug points

8. Waste basket

9. Name board

10. Carpeted flooring

For larger areas, please (click here) to see the corresponding facilities. 

Furnished stalls will be ready for exhibitors to occupy 3 days before the opening date.

Exhibitors are not allowed to more furniture or items from other stands. In case of any extra furniture found in any stand, heavy penalty shall be applied.

To know the rental rates for additional furniture, please click here.

Exhibitors are hereby informed that the maximum weight a shelf can carry is 15 kgs. If the shelf got damaged due to overload, the exhibitor will be liable to pay for the loss.