The Best Emirati Foreign Translated Book


The nominated translated book should discuss various national issues such as history, society or the environment. It can also cover the different aspects of national culture, creativity or community



• Nominated writer does not need to be Emirati

• Nominated book must not have been translated before

• Nominated book is preferred to be translated into Arabic directly from original language

• Nominated book shall be accepted in Arabic or foreign language

• Nominated book must meet the highest levels of accuracy and professionalism in translation

• Translation permission by the holder of the intellectual rights must be provided

• Please see the general conditions for the Emirati Book Awards



The following must be submitted to SIBF organizers:

• Three copies of the nominated book and three copies of the original translated book

• Completed nomination form

• Copy of nominee’s passport or ID

• Nominee’s contact details, including mail address, phone numbers and email

• Curriculum Vitae of nominee

• Acknowledgment by nominee of not winning the Best Emirati Foreign Translated Book Award before

• Copy of the translation permission or agreement by the intellectual property holder

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