Shipments for SIBF can be transported by air, sea or road. 
SIBF will provide the necessary documents facilitating the participant’s shipment (for clearing).
For shipments coming through Sharjah International Airport, we will carry out customs clearance, transport and delivery of the shipment to the exhibitor’s stands. All other shipments by air, sea or road should be handled by the concerned exhibitors or their shipping agents.  
All exhibition-purpose bulk shipments should reach Sharjah during the 10-days period prior to the opening day. Service charges are applicable for any shipments arriving before or after these dates.
• A copy of the Air Way Bill, SIBF invoice and packing list should be sent to, well in advance.
The shipper should make sure that the material is well packed and insured. 
Shipments should be numbered and labelled.  Each box should carry the exhibitor’s name, address, city, country and the details on items and quantity in the prescribed SIBF sticker (click here).  SIBF store-in-charge can reject any shipment if there are no stickers with details on the boxes.
Dhs.3/- per box shall be charged as service charge for books collected from the store during the exhibition period.  An additional Dhs.1/- per box shall be charged for extra-large boxes.  
Dhs.1/- per box shall be charged for bulk shipments. 
SIBF will not be responsible for (1) any damage or loss occurred during the shipping or transferring process (2) storage or return of any remainders after the fair.
SIBF will not be responsible for any shipments that:
- arrive without notification to SIBF
- arrive at airports other than Sharjah International Airport
- are addressed to a different consignee
- arrive with the wrong/incomplete address
- arrive later than the prescribed dates
- arrive by land or sea