How to Represent a Publisher (agency)

A publisher who is not participating in the event can authorize an exhibitor to be their agent to display/sell their products. Such authorizations are valid only for the current session. Agency form is available from our website (click here).

Exhibitors are expected to keep the signed agency forms with them throughout the exhibition period in order to produce upon request. 

Exhibitors from within the UAE can represent publishers from around the world, whereas exhibitors from other countries can only represent publishers from their respective countries.

A non-Arab publisher can authorize any number of exhibitors to be their agents (Arab and non-Arab exhibitor), whereas an Arab publisher can have only one agent.

An agency fee of AED 300/- per publisher is applicable for agencies in the Non-Arabic language section and AED 600/- per publisher for agencies in the Arabic language

SIBF holds the right to reject any agencies without giving reasons.