Exhibitors FAQ:

1. How can I apply to participate in the fair?Registration is done through the Sharjah International Book Fair website


2. How can I get information about my application?You will be informed of our acceptance through your account on our website.

3. What is the closing date for applying?The closing date is the first of September of every year.

4. Is it essential to be a publisher in order to participate?

No, we have a certain exhibitors to participate with us

1. Government & Semi-Government organizations

2. Children’s book publishers, book distributors, book sellers, e-publishers, rights agents.

3. Cultural organizations, public libraries, research centres, educational institutions, university libraries, media, etc.

4. Producers of literary/educational aids including maps, audios and videos.

5. Book Fairs from around the world.


5. What is the minimum number of publications I need to have in order to qualify for participation?50 publications

6. Is it essential to apply for participation annually?Yes

7. What is meant by samples?Samples are the new products of publishers (books, audio-visual, cassettes, etc.)

8. Should new samples be sent annually?If requested, the publisher should supply new samples.

9. How can I register online?The registration process is as follows:

a- Visit our website


10. How can I enter my publications to participate in the fair?You can directly enter the lists of books and publications after completing the registration form or the agency form online.


11. What are the award categories at the Sharjah International Book Fair?

The categories are as follows:

  1. Sharjah International Emirati Book Fair Prize
  2. Sharjah International Book Fair Prize (for publishers)
  3. Sharjah International Book Fair Prize (Cultural Personality of the Year)
  4. The best Arabic book at the Sharjah International Book Fair prize
  5. The best foreign language book at the Sharjah International Book Fair prize

For further information, please visit the Awards page.


12. What activities are there at the fair?- Cultural activities include the following:
- Children’s Activities: Daily Programmes
- Cultural Activities: Daily cultural Programmes
- Specialized Programme: Daily according to Programmes planned by the organizing committee of the Sharjah International Book Fair


13. Will the committee organize my air tickets to the Sharjah International Book Fair?Travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of each individual exhibitor and not organised by the Sharjah International Book Fair

For more information visit services page