Translation Grant Terms and Conditions

- Applicants will be examined by the SIBF management .

- SIBF reserve the right to declare an application as being unsuccessful at their discretion.

- Applicants can only be those who attended the SIBF professional program on 30th ,31th October and 1st  November 2016.

- If the grant recipient fails to meet all the deadlines laid out in this paper, they must repay any mony received to SIBF.

- The 10 copies sent to SIBF will become property for SIBF for promotional use on their website, on their stands at International Book Fairs, for PR activities in the media and for Sharjah public library use.

- Each published book must contain on the title page the logo of SIBF and the following words “This book has been translated with the assistance of the Sharjah International Book Fair Translation Grant Fund” on the back cover of the book on each published book, this must be initially approved by SIBF.

- The grant must be used to pay the translator of the text only and for no other purpose.

- A series will be considered as one book.

- Please read and clarify all terms and conditions before submitting the form as terms and conditions are not subject to any exception.