Steps to Submit for Translation Grant

- A copy of the book being discussed or the manuscript must be submitted to SIBF in support of the application form. If the book or manuscript is not in Arabic or English, the first chapter must be translated into Arabic or English and sent to SIBF with a description of the book. SIBF reserve the right to request further information about the book in Arabic or English if they do so require.

- The deadline for receiving the copy of the book and the application is 26th February 2017.

- Applicants will be informed between 26th February and 26th April 2017 if their application has been successful.

- Successful applicants must then present a copy of the official translation rights contract between the rights buyer and seller for the successful book. This should be accompanied by the details of and payments to be made to the translator. This must be received by SIBF by 26th May 2017.

- Upon receipt of the contract and translator’s details, SIBF will release 30% of the grant to the rights buying publisher.

- A further 20% will be released upon submission of the first draft of the translation.

- The final 50% payment will be made upon receipt to SIBF of 10 copies of the final published book. The books must be received by 26th November 2018.

-  Address to which 10 copies of the final published book should be sent to: Sharjah Book Authority, AlLayyeh, Government Buildings area, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box: 73111.